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Meticulously taking care of your business and real estate matters throughout Oklahoma

Businesses encounter challenges and the ever-changing business environment continually presents new ones. Moricoli, Kellogg & Gleason, P.C. provides sound representation and advice to help you meet your business goals.

We safeguard your interests and rights when it is time to purchase or sell real estate, consider structuring a business, meet the changing needs during the life of a business or sell the business when the time comes. Our firm will negotiate your business and real estate transactions to make sure the agreement you are entering is a fair and favorable one.

Our attorneys work with clients to avoid the likelihood of litigation by drafting and reviewing sound contracts and agreements. However, contract disputes can still occur even if parties have put their agreements into writing. Our firm is experienced in providing aggressive litigation services to defend or assert your claims.

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The services we provide include the following:

  • Corporate and business formation
  • Corporate acquisitions, mergers and divestitures
  • Corporate governance
  • Foreclosure actions
  • Contract drafting and negotiation
  • Lease agreements
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Zoning and condemnation actions
  • Easements and right-of-ways
  • Environmental compliance

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