Oil, Gas and Energy Law

Comprehensive legal solutions in oil, gas and energy law

Moricoli, Kellogg & Gleason, P.C. provides effective and efficient legal services to oil, gas and energy law clients, including an established practice before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.

Heading our oil and gas practice is John C. Moricoli, Jr., who has 42 years of in-depth experience in the oil and gas industry. We counsel clients to make sure you know your rights and options. Then we address your challenges with the most effective legal solution possible, whether that is litigation or hands-on transactional work.

Our firm can help clients with a broad range of oil and gas law matters.

Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC)

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) regulates oil and gas drilling within the State of Oklahoma and enforces oil and gas conservation rules and environmental laws. We routinely represent clients in pooling or spacing applications, location exceptions, unitization and other matters before the OCC.

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Our Commission section has lawyers who can provide representation in any oil and gas related matter before the OCC including:

  • General regulation, permitting and compliance strategies
  • Administrative litigation
  • Enforcement action defense
  • Pooling ― application, review, appeal
  • Spacing ― application, review, appeal
  • Unitization plans and orders
  • Location exception ― application and appeal
  • Increased density wells ― application, review, appeal

Oil and gas litigation

Moricoli, Kellogg & Gleason, P.C. also undertakes all types of oil and gas litigation, including:

  • Lease cancellation actions
  • Surface damage actions
  • Title and lease disputes
  • Environmental issues
  • Joint operating disputes
  • Right-of-way disputes
  • Easement disputes
  • Collection Actions
  • Unpaid and underpaid royalty claims
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Oil and gas transactions

Moricoli, Kellogg & Gleason, P.C. handles various agreements and legal issues involved in many types of industry transactions, including:

  • Title examinations
  • Oil and gas lease review
  • Surface Damage Agreements
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Joint operating agreements

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